San Antonio Harmony Hills Home Owners Association

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Welcome to Harmony Hills!

San Antonio Harmony Hills Home Owners Association manages the common property of Harmony Hills Condominiums.  The property has 87 privately owned condominiums located in the north central area of San Antonio, Texas.


We encourage all Harmony Hills Condominium owners to log in and get to know your neighbors.  Join our discussions on crime, safety, events, updates, or anything else pertaining to our neighborhood.  (Discussions take place in our own private online chat area.)




- The May 17, 2020 Board Meeting has been Cancelled.


- The Harmony Hills Condominiums swimming pool will be closed until further notice.

- Per board approval on November 17, 2019, parking on property is for residents only.  Please see the condominium rules for all details regarding the new parking rules.


Condominium Assessment Fees

Condominium Owners, please be reminded that monthly assessment fees are due by the 5th of each month. 


Failure to pay assessment fees in a timely manner may result in late fees being billed to the condominium owner.


Owner accounts that are seriously delinquent may incur additional fees to cover collection costs, legal fees, liens filed, and possible foreclosure of the condominium. (Please see the Harmony Hills Declaration for details)


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Jun 18: Monthly Board Meeting (New Date & Time )
Jul 16: Monthly Board Meeting
Aug 20: Monthly Board Meeting
Sep 17: Monthly Board Meeting
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